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Trust and Estate Planning

We offer unique solutions to meet your personal needs, giving peace of mind to you, your heirs, and your children.

With the proliferation of DIY on-line and self-help legal services, there has been a corresponding increase in the number of incomplete and non-compliant Trusts and Estate Plans litigated in the courts. At Mission Legal you will meet with an experienced and skillful, caring attorney.

Your Estate Plan will be thoughtfully and professionally drafted, observing the latest provisions of the law, and personalized to your particular needs and desires. Not a generalized plan or using outdated templates or document services.

We construct a custom personalized family Estate Plan ensuring that your trust is administered exactly as you desire. No two Estate Plans are exactly alike because no two families are exactly alike. Our plans contain your personal instructions and include the special legal provisions that protect your loved ones, avoid the Probate court system, and ensure that your exact wishes are followed.

Business & Corporate Matters

Mission Legal offers a wide range of business services, including business entity selection, business entity formation; and corporate planning and procedures

The Corporate Fortress is Only as Strong as the Walls that Protect It. Every day, thousands of small businesses pop up. Most of those businesses form a corporate entity to engage in business.

The reason? The corporate entity protects shareholders (owners) and directors (operators and employees) from personal liability from the corporate activities.

Corporate or LLC status is a fortress for the individuals who own and run the company; a metaphorical “Castle” where the owners and operators of the company can keep themselves safe from having their personal assets—such as their homes, savings or retirement accounts— from being attacked by the company’s debtors. But the walls of the corporate fortress are not impenetrable. In fact, courts routinely “pierce the corporate veil.” “Piercing the corporate veil” is a legal term where the court treats the corporation’s individual shareholders as legally responsible for the corporation’s debts and liabilities. In other words, a properly formed and a properly maintained corporation or limited liability company is a vitally important part of avoiding the piercing of the corporate veil and enabling a plaintiff or the IRS to seek the personal assets of the shareholders or directors for the debts of the company.

We know that in the priority of the competing imperatives that a business owner is challenged with every day – the tedium and details of conducting another meeting, creating resolutions, recording minutes, and all that’s required to maintain proper corporate records – never makes it to the top of the heap. So they are frequently neglected or given minimal effort. We’ve solved that problem for our clients, and we love how grateful and relived they are to know that these important procedures are done timely, properly, professionally, and without any additional effort or concern by our busy clients. It’s what we do. We do it well. You get the benefit.

Special Needs Advocacy & Trusts

Mission Legal helps families address the long term challenges associated with autism and other special needs.

All families face unique challenges when addressing their long-term needs. This is especially true if you have an autistic child or family member with autism, a child with special needs, or a family member who is unable to work or perhaps live independently, sometimes as a result of a traumatic injury.

For such individuals, a special needs trust is an ideal legal tool that strives to provide them with a lifelong financial safety net without disturbing eligibility for vital government benefits. Assets held in a special needs trust are not counted when determining eligibility for such government programs as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medi-Cal.

Assets held in the special needs trust are used to supplement public benefits and pay for items and services that the public benefits system is unable to provide. There are many basic supplemental goods and services that will greatly enhance the life of a person with a disability, that will not be paid for by needs based public benefits. For this reason, no trust is more important than a special needs trust.

Corporate Records Management

Our corporate records management program is for companies looking for complete maintenance of their corporate documents without the hassle and headaches of doing the paperwork themselves.

Some of the benefits our service provides:
  • • Annual reminders sent by email to keep your current with required corporate procedures
  • • Schedule activities and required meetings and provide legal notices
  • • Become and stay compliant - reducing risk and preserving the corporate protections
  • • Create, print, and archive required records and documents
  • • Organize and Maintain accurate corporate record books
Call today to learn how our corporate records management service can save you time and money, giving you peace of mind.

Meet the Team

Michael A. Peters

Business Services, Trust & Estate Planning

about Michael... Michael Peters and his wife, Celeste, have 3 wonderful teen-aged daughters and make their home and enjoy life in South Orange County.

He brings with him over 20 years of business ownership and management experience. Michael’s personal, family, and business experiences contribute to his capacity for counseling clients with compassion, understanding and professional expertise in Estate Planning, business formations, planning, and corporate compliance and maintenance.

When he’s not attending to your needs and legal matters here, Michael and his family spend every opportunity to be with their “other family” at an orphanage in Chiapas, Mexico where they have bonded with their 100 abandoned and rescued children and those who provide daily care for them.

Edward S. Wallace

Trust & Estate Planning, Special Needs Advocacy & Trusts

about Edward... Edward “Ted” Wallace has been practicing law in California since 1988 which is more than enough time to realize that people seeking legal services don’t want a stuffy lawyer trying to impress them with fancy legal words and Latin phrases. Ted tried that with his wife and three teen-aged kids at his home in Dana Point. It just doesn’t work. When you speak with Ted, he will communicate with clear language and explain the Estate Planning process in plain English.

In addition to Ted’s more than twenty-five years of litigation experience, he has focused a substantial part of his practice on Estate Planning and particularly in the area of Special Needs Trusts. Ted goes the extra mile for his clients ensuring the future well-being of those who are disabled and in need of supplemental resources, while not disturbing their needs-based government benefits. If you, or someone you know has a special needs child, or is a victim of an accident and receiving government aid or benefits, like his other clients, you will be thanking Ted for the sound advice and protections he provides.

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